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Sex with the rain?! Check your precipitation!




put me back to bed please

oh wow, wait, is this when all the kiddies going to high school are up?

I get up at 5:30 every morning for school. it sucks

remember those days.  There’s something absolutely terrible about having to wake up at some ungodly hour.  I usually wake up 6/6:30 by choice and it makes everything so much better. I had to today to put out the trash and that just kinda ruined everything. >:(

Forced wakage. Boo.



Anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? If you are, feel free to add me to your friends, I have the same username. :)

I am so excited about my Modern!HTTYD AU fic that I’m going to write this November! I have never written fanfic before but I’m getting tons of ideas and connecting all these dots and figuring out all these really exciting details and parallels and references to the movies… and it’s going to be pretty epic. At least I’ll try my best to make it epic.

I wonder what the title should be… because I want to start tagging my posts accordingly XD. (I’m sure there is a lot of babbling coming up about this fanfic.)

I am! I am!


put me back to bed please

oh wow, wait, is this when all the kiddies going to high school are up?

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Show me your sexiest pic and one-shot using hiccstrid

Eeeeehh??  I don’t think I have many… 

Anything with [**] on my fic page has sexy-themes so… here:

  1. Strip
  2. Use Me
  3. 3 Months
  4. Roll in the Hay
  5. Hangover
  6. All Grow, no Show

Made it easy for you.

I can’t help you with the pic though. Pics aren’t organized like fics :/.  HA HaHA HaH aHA HAh haaaaa

jumping7salmon replied to your post “gothiethefairy replied to your post “Re: Toothless x Spirit. I shit…”

Have you had sex in the rain BRUH? Not as romantic as it sounds.

IN the rain?  NO BRUH

I’m talking WITH the rain

check yo prepositions 

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So... What do you think about the Battle of the Grounded Dungeon going on right now?

Oh, I’m not a part of it (not that there haven’t been attempts at sentencing, but momma’s don’t get grounded. momma’s do what they want).

It’s cute, though XD

Truthfully, there’s only one HTTYD-related dungeon I acknowledge… and it’s the naughty dungeon ch4rmsing and I used back in the very beginning of the fandom for all the naughty stuff we didn’t want directly out in the open.

It had things like this in it:

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Okay, I've had this question that's been stewing in my mind for a while and I know a similar question has been asked, but I have to ask this. How would the events of the Defenders/Riders of Berk TV show played out if Hiccup and Toothless had died fighting the Red Death? Personally, I think Stoick would try a lot harder to ensure that the Dragon's stayed on Berk. Because, as he would see it, as long as a dragon was welcome in a Berkian home, Hiccup was still alive, in a sense. Any thoughts?

Okay, so Hiccup AND Toothless die?  A combination of the single deviations, I would say.

Stoick’s shock is much the same as when only Hiccup dies.  He has no mind for the devil—the dragon—not when his only son is limp in his arms.  And that’s how he handles the aftermath.  He isn’t thinking about dragons or their connection to Hiccup—not at first. He can’t think of anything but Hiccup. Of his loss.

Astrid’s horror and odd sense of loss is soothed by a new passion: relaying the lessons she learned from Hiccup and Toothless.  She’s insistent, using their sacrifice to push the village into allowing dragons to live side-by-side. The Nadder has become a source of comfort—as has flying—and it’s already hard to imagine giving it all up.

"It’s what Hiccup would have wanted," she urges a despondent chief. "It’s what he died for.”

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HTTYD Ship Weeks!


Week 1- October 1-4~ Any ship

Week 2- October 5- 11~ Friends and Family

Week 3- October 12-18~ Dragons

Week 4- October 19-25~ Stobber

Week 5- October 26-31~ Rufflout/ Rufflegs/ Ruffret

Week 6- November 1-8~ Crack Ships

Week 7- November 9-15~ Hicctooth (not romantic)

Week 8- November 16-22~ Stalka

Week 9- November 22-30~ Hiccstrid


So I really think we should have Ship Weeks for our growing fandom. 

I picked this time because theres not much going on and we can dominate Tumblr with our amazing artists and writers! 

So quck descriptions,

week 1 is any ship you like that does not have a week already dedicated to them- unpopular ones or non-canon. Not crack ships though, they have their own week

week 2 is your BrOTPs. Best friends or siblings belong here! Hiccup and Toothless have their own week so try not to do them, or Stoick and Gobber, but any other friends are okay! (Hiccup and Toothless can be separated or with a larger group just not the two of them isolated, same with Stobber) This is a week for family too, like Stoick and Hiccup and Hiccup and Valka. 

week 3 is for your scaly ships! Any dragons you ship can go during this week :)

week 4 is for your Stobber needs. Romantic or not, whatever you want. Just keep it between these two best buds

week 5 is Ruffnut oriented. Her 3 big ships, let us know your favorite!

week 6 is my favorite. These are your crack ships- those hilarious ships that make you snort milk out of your nose and spit your food on your computer screen. I hope we do the same

week 7 is for the duo that changed everything. Hiccup and Toothless are brothers and best friends, and here is when we want to see them being just that. Feel free to make us laugh or rip our hearts out. Both are welcome

week 8 is the one that will hurt the most. The couple that gave us our hero have made a place for themselves in our hearts and they deserve a week dedicated to their endless love. Dancing and dreaming reccomended but not required

week 9 is the big one, everyone’s OTP. Hiccup and Astrid have done so much together and can accomplish anything. Their love is timeless and true and one that will go down in history. Give us all you got for the viking pair that changed their world

Okay, I’m game :)

gothiethefairy replied to your post “Re: Toothless x Spirit. I shit you not Avanna, I have seen Toothless x Rain on deviantArt. I felt violated.”

thats the girl horse in “spirit”, lol.

jackthevulture said: Chick horse from Spirit

NEEEIIGHhhhokay!  Welp… I was kinda feeling the rain-drop-sexytimes myself.

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Re: Toothless x Spirit. I shit you not Avanna, I have seen Toothless x Rain on deviantArt. I felt violated.

I don’t know what Rain is :/

Toothless in ecstasy with water droplets all over his scales?

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Okay so I haven't really been keeping up with the HTTYD fandom at all lately (and your blog) and until today I really had no idea who your OC Jojo was. I think of seen the occasional fanart and all, but I completely forgot about her until I happened to see a post about it and looked at your blog. Again, shows how much I've been paying attention to the fandom XD

Hahaha, awww <3

Well, I wouldn’t consider Jojo anything remotely “fandom news” like but I suppose she’s managed to garner her own tag.  You have seemed a little absent as of late. Busy?

But yeah… Jojo was the hiccstrid baby daughter that got a little more fleshing than I had ever anticipated.  Especially for a little beastly name like Jojo.



I don’t think I will ever be over the expression Toothless made after he broke free of the Bewilderbeast’s control and saw Hiccup. 







More dragon stuff

First one inspired by this wonderful fic

Second for a prompt over here


Omg, was not expecting to inspire a cute hictooth cuddle. It’s so adorable! <3

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if toothrit (toothless x spirit) does not yet exist it does now

Who the hell is spirit?