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Line Art


Hey go watch HTTY2 because it’s awesome.Couldn’t resist, so i fanarted.


Hey go watch HTTY2 because it’s awesome.
Couldn’t resist, so i fanarted.


modern hiccup with cat toothless who just wants attention 24/7



When I can’t deal with things random art helps.

You are so talented. Please don’t die.



When I can’t deal with things random art helps.

You are so talented. Please don’t die.

Story Time!

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Hold up! Are you no longer in Spain? I thought there would be a big lovely Avanna/Meatball reunion post

Haha, Okay, so I’m gonna finally write about my return back to the states because it was a pretty long and harried journey…

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A message from Anonymous
Hi Avannak! I'd like to ask your opinion about Tuffnut and the possibility of him being in a romantic relationship with one of the guys. I mean do you think there could be some chemistry between him and Snotlout, Fishlegs, Hiccup or Eret?

Eh… Tuffnut hasn’t shown any chemistry with anyone after all this time.  Certainly not on Berk, that we’ve seen.  And given the timeline and all the material we’ve gotten of them, it’s unlikely that we’ll see something happen.  

Of course, the thought of Tuffnut and Eret always has it’s appeal simply for the whole “You avoided my sister and then fell right into my arms”. Haha, imagine Tuffnut helping Eret fight off his sister, hiding him and whatnot… at first it would be funny just to piss off Ruffnut, but as they spend more and more time together… Lol, Truthfully, I don’t ship it and Tuffret is already a stretch, but there’s one example of how to squint at them.

There’s also the idea that Tuff and Lout were bros that fooled around in adolescence and then Snotlout started pulling away to fulfill his adult expectations, and pursuing Tuffnut’s sister was like a giant slap in the face, and part of the reason Ruffnut is so mean to Snotlout is because she knows he hurt her brother somehow, even if Tuffnut pretends it was nothing too.  Another ‘not-really-there-but-possible-to-make-happen-without-upsetting-canon-too-bad’ thing.

So, to answer your question—No, I don’t think there’s any chemistry between Tuffnut and… anyone.  Except for Macey.  It would take some clever backstory filling and character interacting to pull off anything else, but it is possible.

A message from Anonymous
Ok so I just talking to some one who said astrid I'd the type of girlfriend that will tag along but never have much opinion of her own, and it took all the willpower I had not to slap the her. Some one obviously someone wasn't paying attention to the movie or the shorts or the series, like how do you even interpret that from her.

Well… well… as painful as it is for me to say it, that person has plenty of reason to think it.  Astrid’s character basically is malleable to Hiccup; that’s her history.  It’s not her fault, really, it’s the writing. But still—it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if in HTTYD3 she’s highlighted as Hiccup’s #1 supporter… again.  It’d be disappointing, but unsurprising.

As for an opinion of her own—of course she has those.  You’d have to have been unconscious for the last two films to think she didn’t. She was basically at odds with Hiccup for all of the first one because she had a such a different method of going about things.  Even in the second film, she had no problem voicing her opinions.   However, despite her disagreements, she does tend to back Hiccup in the end—hence why your friend’s perspective is semi-fed. 

A message from Anonymous
maybe gobber dies next bc he'll always be right behind stoick

A message from Anonymous
I don't know if you like the idea of it, but can I get some Hiccelsa headcanons please? It would make my desperate shipping feels very satisfied!

Eh, this ain’t really my jelly.  At all, tbh.




This is so hot.
A message from edge-of-bizarre
woah woah woah woah woah... wait... i wasn't following you?! i definitely thought it was, oh my god.... Well, i just wanted to tell ya i love your art and i know we've talked briefly before, i just... anyway, i love your blog and stories and you're a great person!


HelloooOOooooo handsome! Welcome aboard the you-may-regret-your-choice-in-a-week-or-two train!


Er… what the seven hells have you been looking at. The last thing I posted I think was meatball. Maybe. Maybe.

the WIP continues…  possibly not completely destroyed yet but… Toothless is already lookin’ pretty weak.

It is time for a new icon and a new bg… suggestions?


thebrookeofdragons answered: Congrats darling :) You deserve them. I was close to 2.8 but then a shitload of people unfollowed me :(

Well those people are lame and don’t know quality when they see it smack dab in their face also how in the world do i have more followers than you i am just a person who says things you have art and awesome t-shirts that i cherish

cowgirl326 answered: I only have 52 and idk what I’ll do when I reach 100

Tbh I freaked out more when I hit 20 followers than I did when I hit 200 because I thought that only like seven people would want to follow me

jellybeanjeans answered: take off your shirt

I do that already whenever I change my clothes I don’t think that’s important enough for celebrating 3000 followers.

therealdsandman answered: dance on camera

I may actually do this if enough people want me to. Or I’ll sing something on camera.

#also i’m not responding to your bait avanna #you are avanna right?

u know I am

and…why don’t you combine them all?

Shirtless o’clock + on-camera singing??

for 3000 minutes

fitting, imo

A Compilation


This in an artistic piece depicting togetherness and love, specifically the love we all hold for the HTTYD franchise.  The piece has been created entirely by persons who wish to remain anonymous, and it has been compiled by me.  I hope you enjoy.



This is amazing.  Amazing.

I’m tempted to believe this is all the same anon. Just one, unperceptive, ignorant, over-excitable fan.