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I normally don't like OCs of any kind much but I really adore Jóra/Jojo! You hit all the right notes with her. If Jóra ever got a boyfriend in the future, would Hiccup resent him? I know you mentioned Eret but what about Hiccup?

Thank you!

Hiccup… Hiccup would be a bit oblivious.  More likely, he won’t realize Jojo’s into someone until she’s already raging/weeping in the aftermath.

Remember, beyond Hiccup’s over-active/distracted way of running his personal life with his professional, he’s already in the habit of letting women fight their own battles. His mother, Astrid, Ruffnut… the idea of overprotective-father isn’t really wired in him because he semi-expects Jojo to take care of herself.

It would take a little extra umph for Hiccup to go all Daddy on a kid. Like, if Jóra’s spending time with someone who raises Hiccup’s red flag—the son of someone who is actively against dragons or something like that—then he might pay them a special visit. Remind them of who the chief is. Who rides a Night Fury.  Who’s married to Astrid Hofferson.  Every sort of subtle threat.

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It really is. I looked up 50 shades of Grey back when it was a Twilight fic called 'Fifty shades of Edward Cullen' and from what I hear, the only thing the author seemed to have done before publishing this fic was change the names. I can't believe it's a best-seller.

Yeah. I think it’s great that the author managed to publish a fanfic and change enough not to get sued.  Like, well done. Well played. More power to you.

But best seller list just seems like madness because…  well, as someone who adores characters and bringing them to life—so much of that book is an unoriginal sell out with a flat, disappointing story to me. The most confusing part is how it became such a hit because it’s simply not a good book, not a good story, with knock-off characters :/

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What upset me the most about those gif from the pirated version, is the fact that we agreed to wait for the dvd realese. And a lot of those people who download it won't buy the dvd and it will be eally bad for Dreamworks


Not everyone in the HTTYD fandom agreed to that, it was only really a core group of fans who decided to avoid posting gifs until the DVD gets released in November (just like it was only a core group of fans who kept their blogs spoiler free until mid-August). The majority of fans are casual fans who don’t get involved much with the dedicated blogs, so they didn’t agree to anything, they probably don’t even know how much of a stir this is causing to the people who really care about it. It’s ok to unfollow people for whatever reason, but it’s depressing to see people getting hate just because they reblog/don’t reblog pirated gifs. :(

Thank you Serp.

This is like that thing where people were all “We agreed not to talk about HTTYD2 spoilers until after the movie was released in every country”

And… no. No we didn’t all agree to it.  It’s groups of friends making pacts, like in this situation.

Sorry, I just saw this now and figured now’s my time to tell my followers my stance on whatever forced drama is happening in the fandom this week:

No need to get up being assholes to anybody. Don’t shame people for reblogging pirated gifs and don’t bother sending hate to people who are very against it.

The argument “It’s only a month until the DVD” can work in both directions.

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Hmm thinking about it, 50 shades is based on Twilight and I remember now that in the Twilight books, Edward force fed Bella a lot. Both authors probably think it's romantic and caring. Yuck.

There was zero romance in 50 shades, I can tell you that much.  Zero.  It was a weird psychological journey that was trying to be sexy but was really tiring and unoriginal with details.

Also, it’s super obvious it’s based on twilight.

Literally—“innocent” woman who doesn’t think she’s attractive but is, for some reason, the apple-of-every-dude’s-eye with wayward mother and woodsy/serious father is the only woman who can get supercilious, aloof sex-god to look twice at her.  Sex-god bends his personal code for this woman.  Then it’s super perfect people having super perfect sex with seriously, seriously twisted “acts of romance and concern”.  There’s also a “Jacob” character and an “Alice” character.  Like… what.


Team Jane


Team Kenny


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Is Jojo a tomboy or just more like Hiccup in her style?

Eh, she’s not an active tomboy so I guess we can say she’s more like Hiccup in her style in that she’s just too distracted to make her appearance a priority.  She’s certainly not as glamorous as her mother—that much is obvious by her unintentional sloppy kinda look—except when she gets older and starts taking more pride/care in her appearance.  Part of the reason she tried not to focus to much on appearance as a teenager is because she had that tall, lanky, gawky sort of look that made going for attractiveness feel more awkward than anything else.  She had other things to be prideful about… like flying and design and intelligent creativity :)

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What?? Does Christian force-feed Ana? I did not read the whole book.


It’s sick.  If someone’s not hungry, you do not force them to eat.  Hunger is not psychological, it’s biological.  He’s fucking making her eat these full-course meals after she tells him no. GUH—it just made me so mad. And I don’t know if it was cleverly subtle to his abuse (though I think that might be giving the author too much credit) or if the author though it was something cute and sad to his “tragic backstory”. His “excuse” was not an excuse. It was bullshit.

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Your smut is the only decent smut I've ever read

Okay, but this is a damn lie and you know it. nefertsukia and hiilikedragons are the smut-writers, not me.

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but what about Jóra and "Uncle" Toothless? I feel this is very important.


OKAY! LET’S TALK ABOUT JOJO HADDOCK AND HER FAMILY.  I’m gonna use some nicknames from wee Jojo, because girl’s got a gift for changing names at an early age.

We got Uncle Tootoo, of course, and Stomlee.  Toothless is obviously very, very protective of Hiccup’s offspring. At the same time, Stormfly likes her ‘toys’ and there were exactly two instances where the dragons—who normally get along—got into a sudden, fast scuffle over infant territory.  It was alarming to the parents, to say the least, and thank god Valka was around to settle things (Toothelss goes indoors, Stormfly does not—so he’s always had that advantage over her).

Toothless was the first dragon Jóra ever flew on.  She would hide (and fall asleep) under his wings and turn feedinghimthingsheshouldn’teat into a game.  She’d sit on his tail as he’d walk around and ride it like a choo-choo-tail.  She learned the tailfin system as soon as she could, partly so she could fly Toothless while her parents were busy during the day.  She adores Toothless.  And Stormfly (sorry girl) but Toothless has a little extra… special place in her heart.

Then there’s “Reh”.  Eret.  He’s always been a fixture in Jóra’s life.  He was the one who would toss her so high in the air she felt like she was flying.  He’s always had this… respect for her parents that she’s never really questioned. He would watch her when both were busy.  Carry her around on his shoulders during the day so that she could see over the tops of people’s heads, sitting patiently as she brushed his unusual, silken hair…  Eret’s always been the gentle giant to her—she knows nothing of his violent past or the terrible decisions he made as a youth.  In fact, when she was 14 and had her heart broken by a stupid boy two-years her senior, Eret accidentally dropped a length of timber on the boy’s ankle, breaking it. That old mafia vibe never quite left him after all…

Nana - that’s what I think Jojo calls Valka. I could go with Amma, but I haven’t really thought that much into it (votes?). All I know is that her grandmother dotes on her with all the love in her heart.  Valka also went through a phase of trying to make sweets for her… but that was short lived as Jojo refused to eat them.  The thing is—Valka doesn’t have sage knowledge of child rearing and comforting or educating children.  Nothing she could impart on Hiccup and Astrid, and nothing she could really use for Jojo, and for a while she struggles with that reality.  But Jojo loves Nana for what she does deliver—dragons and passion and encouraging freedom and outspokenness, and as Jojo gets older it’s Nana that encourages her experimentations and rebelliousness—the one point when Valka and Astrid start to butt heads.  It’s Nana who will cover for her, whispering 'take this dragon, no one will notice for a while—I'll distract your parents'.

Gobber - Uncle Gobber. Oh Uncle Gobber.  Uncle Gobber exposed Jojo to crude humor and sarcasm from a very early age. He educated her on blacksmithing with a huge dose of learning on the job.  Sometimes, when her parents weren’t around, she would needle Uncle Gobber for stories of the war, of a time when dragons were dangerous.  She took morbid fascination with what the beasts could be capable of when used against people.  She would beg him about youth stories her grandfather—because Hiccup and Valka just didn’t have the good stories—the entertaining ones that made Stoick seem like a deep, flawed, real person.  Uncle Gobber provided the sage-wisdom her grandmother lacked.  In fact, she occasionally calls him Grandpa Gobber.


And yes, there is a drinking game (I call it HTYYDrinking Game!)You can find it here (thank you, viking-sweaters)
gif by elusivistRiders of Berk screencaps courtesy of grande-caps

OMG Heather’s freaking pinky-raise why didn’t I ever notice that before?


And yes, there is a drinking game (I call it HTYYDrinking Game!)
You can find it here (thank you, viking-sweaters)

gif by elusivist
Riders of Berk screencaps courtesy of grande-caps

OMG Heather’s freaking pinky-raise why didn’t I ever notice that before?


How to Train Your Dragon group #cosplay #dragoncon #httyd #httyd2


How to Train Your Dragon group #cosplay #dragoncon #httyd #httyd2




u think some of the dragons in httyd mark their territory like how dogs do

like, “this tree?” -pees on it- “mine now”

Stormfly gets a little too friendly with Hiccup and Astrid’s baby…

Toothless responds by peeing on the child…keeping eye contact with the Nadder…glaring…

omg toothless no

toothless yes

I’m angry because I was writing a thing and then X’d out of the tab because I forgot I was writing a thing and now the thing is gone

and I’m angry