How to Train Your Dragon #1: How to Train Your Dragon

Prologue: A Note from the Hero

The start of my insane never going to be finished goal to try to draw the HTTYD book series as graphic novels.

I give you… the prologue of book one.

A message from thelandofberk
Hiccstrid 24, because we all need more daddy!hiccup and mommy!astrid.

My child

Hiccup drummed charcoal smudged fingers across the blueprints so that soft dots outlined the project like flower petals.  His tongue twisted in his mouth as he stared and thought. The new dragon Berk recently acquired was a misery to design saddles for, but the vision was clear in his head. He just had to work out the kinks and it would be possible. Finding a rider to test it out would prove more difficult.

He might have already completed the basic outline if he were in his room at the forge.  But Garik had an ear infection and Astrid put her foot down on late nights out.  She was right, of course.  The saddle wasn’t even a priority to the village, simply a priority to him. Something he had to get out of his head before the working concept slipped away.

He had so many other things to plan and do and think about. His mind never slept.  Crap, he nearly forgot—

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 …………’s been a while for some httyd post………. I’ve forgot about this. just use this for my own ref. [it’s funny that’s I drawn only front :V ] I ever finish this before Cloundjumper Toothless and Stormfly. *insanity laugh*

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hiccstrid, 27


(I’m gonna mix these)

Happy Birthday

“Do you know what today is?”

“It’s my dad’s birthday,” Garik replied dutifully.  His mother asked him this every year as though (as Garik started to suspect) she feared he would one year forget.

Astrid smiled, brushed snow from stones by her hips with the end of her shawl and patted the seat for him.  Garik settled at her side, noting how the lines never quite left her face anymore.  Lines around her eyes and mouth and below her hair line.  She’d be thirty in the year next, and was one of the few unwed woman at that age.

He supposed it was all thanks to his father that she was spared any of the usual gossip.  An invisible man who could only be exalted through stories.

“Why do we celebrate his death day too?” Garik asked her.  “Because he was so important?”

“Yes,” Astrid said.  Her hands were in his hair, pulling at the dark curls.  “Because he was so important.”

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16: Hictooth. (Platonic Hiccup and Toothless. That's Hictooth, right?)

Yes. Correct. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Broken Wings

The cracked and prostrated remains of a dragon—Grimler, by Hiccup’s guess—hummed with newfound life in the form of buzzards and insects.  It’s structure remained, half sunk into the earth, half reaching back towards the sky.

Toothless showed no interest in the carcass.  The meat had been plucked and rotted, melting from the bones like snow. 

The bones. The bones are what had Hiccup stuck.

His charcoal hovered over the page where he tried to sketch the remains.  Visual autopsy.  For science, he had thought, his fascination trumping the misfortune of the dragon, until he realized…

This dragon died of broken wings.  Indirectly, that is.  It died to predators or the elements, whichever had won out when it had been left grounded.

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HTTYD2 MENTION. Hello! Utterly amazed by all of the Viking posts, and slowly but surely working my way through them. Thank you for expending that level of time and energy. A question about Eret's scar - is there any inclination on what the after-care of a burn like that would be (in that time setting)?


Yes!  There is!

And this would actually work in conjunction with this piece on Hiccup’s losing his leg, because I talked about burns and cauterizing but never mentioned what salves they would use on both.

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rufflout, 14

First Kiss

But this was his first kiss with her, and that’s what had Snotlout flicking his tongue over his lips and his fingers clenching, uncertain of where to go.

Damn. His lips were too wet. He knew it going in but he couldn’t seem to get his saliva under control.  His breath came too hard.  The hands on her shoulders were awkward.  He didn’t know where to place his feet.

He didn’t know how he could focus on his feet at a time like this.

Even as he came to meet her—pressure too hard at first, then lightening, then lingering—his mind was a mess of everything wrong.  Everything wrong with himself.  Too short, too wide, too clammy and sticky and never quite mean enough for her.

When he pulled away his face was impossibly hotter than it had been to begin with.

For some inexplicable reason Ruffnut said, “again.”


I don’t know what movie YOU GUYS were watching… This is how I remember it.


I don’t know what movie YOU GUYS were watching… This is how I remember it.

FYI, I fucked up with that last drabble (49 is Home and I posted 14 (First Kiss) instead), so I’ll just put the 49 in the 14 prompt.  

That made no sense, but just… don’t worry about it. I got it under control. Just took a tequila shot.  Time to go into the internetless abyss.


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For that number drabble thing ,Stalka 49. Thankyou!

First kiss

“May I?  I—that is,” Stoick cleared his throat. “Kiss. May I kiss you?”

Valka felt the air steal from her lungs, even when it was thin and cold in the late winter months.

She’d never been kissed before.

Stoick must have kissed dozens of women. He was older—far older—and very Viking. He’d been on voyages. He was an heir.  He must have been kissed.  By Viking women and proper women and women who believed everything he believed.

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Rufflegs or Rufflout?

Rufflout, definitely.  Just… search either on my blog. My opinions are pretty clear.

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Is hiccup an introvert or extrovert?

Introvert. Yes, he enjoys being around people and having approval, but it’s not his comfortable place.  Obviously he wants approval and doesn’t like being ostracized or isolated, but Hiccup gains energy from his solitude and internal passions.  I feel like his desire to be accepted by his community and father has left some people confused, but it’s the difference between being lonely and being alone. Hiccup doesn’t mind being alone. He often revels in it. He just doesn’t want to be lonely.

I’ve written in depth about this somewhere but I don’t have the time to find it at the moment, sorry.  But yeah, definitely an introvert over extrovert. 

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Hi not a drabble request but I have a question. I think I saw here a while ago about medicine for Hiccup's leg and how it might be burned and also cut off. And there was medicine for the cut but I dont remember seeing anything for the burns. Could you add something or do a post about that please?



That wasn’t me, that was dyannehs who had all that amazing information (here).  For burns… well, I’m a medical disaster.  I once stuck my recently cut hand in a bleach bucket because I cut it with a bloodied knife (look, it made immediate sense to me at the time).  I’m a medic’s nightmare (I was that medic’s nightmare, that’s for sure).

For burns… off the top of my head all I know is 1. running cold water, 2. don’t pop the burn blisters if there are any because they’re much more prone to infection and 3. they leave baller scars, and 4. first degree can be soothed by aloe plants.

Outside of that, medieval methods of treating burns (whatever medical treatment Hiccup might have had to get… I’d have to google and do my own research. (Or D might have something. I’d go to her first).

Sorry, I’m not much help here.

D?  Is this my nickname now?  My sister calls me that

I’ve got this.  It talks about burn treatment.  The question was about Eret’s scar, but the knowledge and treatment carries over.

Here ya go anon… who is probably long gone by n ow.

I like throwing nicknames on people whether they’re ready for it or not.

My crazy cousin is also called D.  It’s a poor association given how freaking crazy she is, but also… D.  Good associations.

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Who is your favourite dragons out of Book! Toothless, the Wondensfang, Windwalker, the Stormfly, Horrowcow, Innocence, Patience and Arrogance, One Eye, the Doomfang, Valhalarama's dragon or the Dragons Furious? Sorry to bombard you but I love these dragons so much!

It’s okay… I love the Windwalker!  He’s like a meeker version of Toothless and very sweet :)  Also, love Stormfly, the little imp.