Odor - Astrid, Hiccup, Toothless


“Hiccup!  Where are you going?”

Hiccup paused, one foot inside the house, the door propped open by an arm.   His harness and shoulder pads were slung over his other shoulder.  He glanced back.

“Sorry, Astrid,” he said to the young woman jogging towards him.  “Change of plans.  I can’t go flying today.”

“Why?” she asked, slightly winded as she jumped onto his porch step. “Is your dad mad?”

"No, Tooth—" Astrid ducked under his arm and stepped into the Haddock household. Hiccup stared at her for a beat before following. "Ah, Toothless doesn’t want to fly.”

“Toothless?” Astrid repeated blankly, as though the thought had never occurred to her. “That doesn’t seem like him.”

“Yeah.  Yeah, he’s… mad,” Hiccup said.

“What’d you do?”

“What makes you think I did anything?”

Astrid continued to look at him until Hiccup stuck out his lip and muttered, “Well, it wasn’t all my fault.”

He sighed and trudged up the loft stairs (his father would kill him if he kept leaving his harness on the table).  He heard Astrid stomping up behind he. She could be light on her feet when wanted, but usually her footfalls were heavier than his.

“I just want to figure out why he has such a… a violent reaction to eels, you know?,” he continued as he ascended.  ”You’ve seen them—him, Stormfly, Barf and Belch… why eels?  I just…” He took a breath. “I wanted to get him to go near one calmly.  I tried to… trick him, I guess. He didn’t take it well.”

Astrid narrowed her eyes. “Trick him, how?”

"It doesn’t matter," he said, dropping his gear onto his desk. "He’s pissed. Hissed at me and everything.  Ran off. Haven’t seen him since."

"Well…" Astrid fished for something to say. "You’ve had to have pissed him off before—it’s you—

"Thanks," Hiccup deadpanned.

"So I’m sure he’ll forgive you like he always does."

"Yeah," he said absently.  He couldn’t get Toothless’ outraged expression from his mind.  Gobber told him again and again that dragons weren’t forgiving creatures—that they weren’t to be seen as dogs or pets. Hiccup knew this; but he felt he could hold a creature like Toothless to a much higher standard.  Toothless forgave

“Your dad’s talking to the Meatheads,” Astrid piped up. “The envoy’s just arrived.”

Her arms were clasped behind her back in an uncommon pose, but Hiccup’s attention was drawn toward the ceiling window.

“They did?  Oh man, I would have seen them coming if Toothless wasn’t being so—”

“My point,” Astrid cut off strongly, grabbing his wrists, “is that your dad’s going to be out for a while.”

“Yeah, I should—oh…”  Astrid was backing towards the bed, placing his hands on her swaying hips, her eyes dark and gripping. “Right… he will be…”

His voice grew softer as his head lowered until their lips met. His fingers tightened at her sides. Her hands slid up his chest to fist the front of his tunic, and she pulled him down onto his bed with her.

Something squished beneath the seat of Astrid’s skirt. Wetness seeped into her back.  A potent, vile smell met both their nostrils.

“What is—oh gross!”

“Gods! What the—?!”

“Is that—is that—?  Shi—


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